The Suzuki method is modeled on the way children learn their native languages. With love and care, every child can learn to play the violin just as they can learn to speak. As such, the Suzuki teacher and parent work together to foster each child's musical development. Students first learn by ear, which allows them to build exemplary posture and technique, while developing lifelong aural and memory skills. Reading comes later, just as with language, and eventually becomes the primary source of information. Throughout, students maintain a body of repertoire to perform, polish, and build new skills through consistent review.

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Learning by the Suzuki Method also gives students a larger community beyond their studio. The common repertoire and learning philosophy allows meaningful connection between students and families in the region, across the U.S., and beyond. Students are encouraged to attend such events as the Massachusetts Suzuki Festival (weekend workshop each spring) and summer institutes.

Lisa is a registered member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas, and the Massachusetts Suzuki Association. She has completed registered training at the Colorado, Chicago, and Hartt Suzuki Institutes with Liz Arbus, Martha Shackford, Joanne Melvin, Kathy Wood, Ed Kreitman, and Ann Montzka Smelser.