"My son, N, first started learning violin under Lisa in August 2014.  He was only 4 at the time and had no experience with the violin or any other instrument.  Given his age, I worried about starting him so young and introducing him to the Suzuki method. Lisa impressed me right away with her ability to pique his interest and share her enthusiasm for the violin.  She was careful to start slowly in the beginning with basic techniques, exercises and melodies.  By the time we moved into Twinkle variations, she had developed a rapport with N that was friendly but firm, and consistently encouraging.  I always appreciate Lisa’s attention to detail and tone quality, making sure that pieces are constantly reviewed and improved even as we tackle new ones.  When we run into challenges with songs or at times, N’s attention, Lisa is patient and finds a way to address issues with new practice techniques or motivating drills that are age appropriate."


"I love the way Lisa talks to kids. She seems to have a genuine respect for them as people, which is in keeping with Dr. Suzuki’s mission. I know my daughter likes her, because she can see that Lisa cares about her as a person, and cares about what she thinks and feels. Lisa’s feedback and assignments are always clear."


"My daughter started taking violin lessons with Lisa when she had just turned 4 years old.  I am not a mom who had any experience with the Suzuki method nor had any musical background, but L was eager to play violin and so I went with it.  From my first meeting with Lisa, it was clear to me that Lisa was immensely knowledgeable about and committed to teaching music to children.  Since starting her lessons, L has made tremendous gains with Lisa in learning how to play and how to practice.  Lisa is calm, patient and focused while also playful and encouraging.  She is tuned into what L needs, capable of being both being directive and flexible.  She also has been accessible and supportive to me as a new Suzuki parent, connecting me with endless resources and other violin parents.  I can tell L is proud of how far she has come with the violin and I know her engagement in this learning is because Lisa has engaged her in such a positive, effective way."